My Services

I work with children and parents to promote positive thoughts and emotions, creative problem-solving and an enhanced sense of trust and worthiness to improve and enrich relationships and a sense of fulfillment with life.



     Are Our Future     

Children naturally express themselves through play. Using play in therapy for children allows them to play out problems they can’t express in words in productive and healthy ways.


Parenting is a

Tremendous Responsibility

(and sometimes hard work!)

The complexities of parenting abound with joy and pride but can also be a source of some of the heart’s deepest despair and sorrow. Support to explore and develop new ways of being during unwelcome, challenging circumstances can be helpful.


Families are the

Foundation of


The family is the building block of society and the human connections we experience within them have the potential to give us our greatest fulfillment. Sometimes families need help with what happens inside their homes.