Child Therapy

        Play Therapy

Play is the language of children and it offers a way to access their world - play and toys become their words. My playroom is a safe place where children have the freedom to explore and learn who they are. It is a child-centered space where children are given permission and control to work through issues they may have by playing. The therapeutic relationship offers children time and unconditional acceptance, providing them the opportunity to take full responsibility for their attitudes, behaviour and emotional growth.  

My playroom also offers opportunities for children to express themselves through art, music and sandtray.

Play therapy helps children with:

          Self confidence/self esteem

          Self regulation


          Grief and loss

          Problem solving

     Other Interventions

        I may also use cognitive behaviour treatment (CBT), mindfulness, nature,

       bibliotherapy and attachment approaches to help children to deepen their

       connection with themselves, their parents and families.

Situations I help children with include:

          Treatment to deal with anxiety

          Learning relaxation and skills to cope with stress and worry

          Developing tools to deal with sadness and loss     

          Emphasis on positive emotions and reduction of anger

          Emphasis on growth mindset

          Tweaking social skills and teaching communication

          Increasing assertiveness

          Help with adjusting to parental divorce or separation

          Skills to cope with life changes such as blended/step

           and single parent families

          Skills to help cope with friend/peer situations

          School issues

Children can change the world.

Jane Goodall  

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